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I have had four knee surgeries because of infections and so I have had physical therapy after each surgery.

Usually the physical therapy (at other places) was for thirty minutes or so, and you did maybe three or four exercises.

I was told about Main Street Physical Therapy and Mark Plante from a friend. Because I needed more physical therapy on my knee, I decided to go to him.

His office is very interesting, not your usual sterile environment. Mark put together a series of thirteen stretches and exercises to do, which took about an hour.

I have seen much improvement in my leg and know it is because of doing a variety of exercises which work together to improve my range of motion and strengthen my leg.

I have been very pleased on my progress and enjoyed the time I spent with the “team”.

Diane Engelbrite

Mark Plante confidently addressed my concerns, and underlying fears, about my severe vertigo physical therapy.

With a confident, calming manner and professional skill and courteous manner Mark planned a therapy program, which when I agreed to follow has resulted in a positive outcome for me.

It was a pleasure to be in the care of Mark and his wonderful staff and I highly recommend Main Street Physical Therapy.


Linda Hartley

I am an 82-year-old grandma and I keep asking myself, "Why didn't I come to Main Street Therapy years ago?" I can't say enough for the relief that you have given me. I've had a bad back for over 50 years and then a few years ago, my right shoulder became very sore. I couldn't reach high enough to put dishes on the second shelf in my kitchen. I can do that now and can raise my arm over my head with minimal discomfort.

My back bothers me if I stand too long. But, otherwise, I am now better than I have been for many years. I just can't say enough for Mark and his crew. They have been so kind and helpful. I just remember that there is no gain without pain, and keep trying to do the exercises as best I can.

Dorothy Everett

Therapy Staff;
Thank you for the help in the rehabilitation of our son Jesus' knee. The support you have given hime has been awesome - from making sure he received all necessary session to motivating in the recovery at home. There are no words to express our gratitude for your treatment, Everything helped: the smiles & hellos; everything.

Thank you! May God keep blessing you and your families always. Merry Christmas and a happy/properous year to all.

The Gomez-Romero Family

I want to express my appreciation for the fine work and the help you have given me to accomplish many of my goals. In particular, I want to mention the fine staff at Main Street Physical Therapy. I have attended three different therapy offices since my shoulder injury and your facility is the most professional and well run of the three.

Of particular note are:

The staff was dressed professionally; The staff works together in a remarkable fashion to make each visit as productive as possible; Reception and scheduling are pleasantly handled and changes made when possible; A clear treatment plan was established and followed to attain the best possible results; Facility is well supplied and organized; Paperwork was promptly processed and no downtime occurred.

Karen Sprague

I can not say enough about Main Street Physical Therapy. If you ever have any kind of back pain or in general, then you can relate to the importance of finding the right care from start. There is not doubt about it; Main Street Physical Therapy is the right place for you. I could hardly move when I first started, now I have my whole life back to do things I enjoy without pain or discomfort.

To the Main Street Physical Therapy Team, thank you so much. When I arrived, I was always greeted with a smile and warm welcome. I never was treated as a patient, but as if I was part of their family. I received individual care from highly professional staff that allowed me to feel at ease and motivated. Every time I left, I had the feeling that I was getting the best care in Yuma.

I would highly recommend Main Street Physical Therapy to family and friends.

Patricia Frost

The end of May 2012 I went to MAIN STREET PHYSICAL THERAPY for an evaluation by Mark Plante P.T., Owner, and operator. After reading the patient forms describing my problems and speaking to me, Mark was able to pinpoint my problem and he began that day working on a program to strengthen my back and abdominal muscles to better support my lower back. I have been going three times a week ever since.

I have had lower back issues and/or sciatica for at least 25 years but after I began therapy with Mark and his staff, I noticed relief within two weeks. Since I had the problem for such a long time and Mark had told me relief could come in spurts, after my six weeks he was able to get me six more weeks which has been extremely beneficial. The last two weeks have had no pain or stiffness from my initial problem. I am so thankful to Mark and his staff for giving me the tools needed to give me relief from my problem and the ability to continue my program at home.

My family and co-workers have noticed a positive change in me physically and my renewed zest and love of life. I have not been this way in a long time. I have told Mark and his staff that "until you feel better you never knew how bad you felt".

So, in conclusion, I cannot express my gratitude enough to Mark Plante P.T. and the staff at Main Street Physical Therapy. They truly care about their clients.

Thank you all.

Mary Jo McIntyre

I just received my T-shirt today. I graduated from physical therapy. Thank-you for the support. My ninety year old shoulder is now acting it's own age. I was skeptical at first but decided to give it a real try. I'm grateful to Mark Plante,his staff, and my doctor to be almost completely pain free. I highly recommend giving physical therapy a go before giving up. Keep the faith and keep up your good work.

Thank-you very much.


Honestly, amazing treatment. They helped me out through everything. The feeling I get when I know I was improving was awesome and it was only through the help of them that I was able to recover fast and in a good way.

Thank you for making me feel at home and making me feel better.

Emanuel Zazueta

A few years ago, I twisted my ankle so badly I had to get around with a walker. It felt like the bones and tendons were broken or torn somewhere in the region of my foot and I would never walk normally again. My doctor recommended I get physical therapy to see if that would help. Mark Plante evaluated the situation and wrote out a recovery plan. My foot hurt so much I couldn't believe anything would help, but I did exactly what he ordered. His staff there was gentle, kind, fun, but tough: 10 of this 10 for that, etc. Three months later, I walked out as though nothing had ever been wrong. Amazing.

Thus, when my dog pulled my shoulder out of place and tore things inside, I again needed help. Again, the doctor recommended physical therapy instead of surgical repair and asked where I would like to go. Immediately I answered, Mark Plante at Main Street Physical Therapy. My right arm was getting more and more useless; very inconvenient since I am right-handed. Mark evaluated and wrote out a plan for rehab. I am six week into the program and getting better fast.

The setting at "Main Street" is not your usual hospital white and chrome. It is decorated around a theme of the tropics with fish, plants, birds, etc. Some of the equipment has been especially designed and built by Mark. The fact is the equipment meets the needs and the décor isn't boring. After all, if you need physical therapy, you will probably be in and out for a few weeks to a month or more. It is easier when the surroundings are pretty and/or interesting.

Jane Kiley of Hunter Employment

I was diagnosed with Huntington's disease in 2007, through blood test, I am telling you it was blood work because I learned the hard way doctors aren't always right, they make life altering mistakes. I need to give you the back ground of what I've been through up until I met Mark Plante, P.T.

In 2002 I started noticing I would lean, losing my balance. Not often but enough for me to notice but not anyone else. This got progressively worse year after year. I was having other things happening by 2007 and was severe enough that I needed answers.

I saw a regular doctor and was sent to a neurologist. He asked if I minded doing a blood test to see if I had Huntington's disease, due to it being in my family. I agreed. Got a positive result. My husband and I asked if there was anything I could do to help my balance that I was getting pretty bad. That neurologist said there was nothing I could do it was part of the Huntington's. We asked then what can we do to help even some. He replied in a serious tone, "don't fall." No kidding, my husband looked at me with a lost look on his face. We left there shocked and confused. But we believed him. He was a specialist. Why would he lie?

We went home and I tried to get okay with always walking and holding on to everything. I eventually stopped even going for groceries because of how hard it was to walk, constantly grabbing anything and everything to not fall. I suffered through that for about a year and I asked to see a different neurologist. My husband and I asked right away if there was anything I could do about my balance. He apologized but he too told us it's the Huntington's and not a lot I can do. With two specialists telling me it's the Huntington's and nothing I can do. I lost hope of getting any better.

I was 40 years old and couldn't get around and no help for me all I could do was attempt to get myself okay with this. I eventually got so bad I was falling in the shower and banging into everything, bruising myself. My husband eventually had to help me walk everywhere he even had to sit with me while showering because I'd fall. My family wanted me to try using a cane, but I knew that wouldn't work because I would lean and fall left and right. But I tried it and they saw It wasn't going to help at all. This year, my family wanted me to get a walker. I refused. I'd rather sit at home and move around the least amount possible. My family then tried to get me a wheelchair and asked that I at least practice using it if I wasn't ready to use it. That upset me.

I decided to ask a physical therapist if they could get back any of my balance even just a little would make me happy. I got a referral to Main Street Physical Therapy. I made the appointment for a consultation. I knew they couldn't bring back much if any of my balance. At age 46, and dealing with my balance for 10 years now, I wasn't holding my breath and was prepared for another "it's the Huntington's." But I had to try.

My consultation was with Mark Plante, P.T. I was extremely embarrassed staggering around holding on to things even crying even though Mark Plante insisted I was okay and had no need to be embarrassed. He needed to see what was happening with me in order to be able to help me. After I did all the things he had me do, he set me and my husband down. Smiling, he said he felt he could have me walking again. I looked at my husband looked at him to say, "yea right." I rolled my eyes (shhhh, Mark Plante doesn't need to know that part of my story). Two neurologist said nothing could be done, and here, Mark Plante was telling me he could have me walking, not just helping some.

Anyway, we tried to schedule appointments for me, but my insurance wouldn't cover it. My heart sank. I really wanted to try, even if it only help with a couple steps without staggering. The girls there told me they'd try to get me insurance to cover it. They somehow did it and I was scheduled for 3 times a week. I went to my first appointment very nervous about having strangers help me get around, counting and keeping track of the reps (things I struggle with also due to what I have). I kept apologizing for being such a pain and taking so much of their time. I felt foolish.

Everyone there insisted I was okay and that they didn't mind at all. I eventually believed them because they were so nice. They made me so comfortable I let them help. I even ask for help. They made themselves friends. I wasn't the only one they treated that way. I watched them with everyone there for the first 3 appointments. They were awesome with every single person there. Most importantly, they never labeled me or did the "oh poor Michele", which I get a lot and hate.

I was in a therapy session, one of the exercises I had to stand up from a sitting position. I stood up and didn't reach for anything!!!!! I looked at my husband both our mouths hung open shocked then happy cried some. I hugged Mark thanking him huge. No words could say how happy I was just standing one time on my own. I know I acted a fool in front of the other people there getting help. 2 WEEKS I am walking on my own. Yes, I still have episodes of losing my balance. But it's so rare, I barely notice. What I personally can tell you is that Mark Plante and all the staff there GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK.

Michele Boehnke

About 9 months ago I suffered my first serious orthopedic injury at the age of 59, after a lifetime of athletic and daily physical activity. Being active duty military and in the 6 to 8 times a week, I was very concerned with finding care that would help heal a severe shoulder injury. As a health care provider myself, I was very particular about the quality of expertise of the therapists who would care for me. I was very fortunate to be referred to Main street Physical Therapy to undergo three months of treatment under the watchful eyes of Mark, Melanie, and their staff.

I have completed 20 visits at this point and have experienced great gains in pain relief, range of motion and function. With an initial determination that surgical intervention would almost be certainly be necessary, I was pleasantly surprised when the latest visit to my orthopedic surgeon resulted in a decision that a risky shoulder surgery is not necessary at this time and that a continuation of the physical therapy prescribed by Main street Physical Therapy may stabilize the joint to the point where I will never have to undergo surgery.

f you are here for the first time you will find in-depth professional understanding, a very friendly staff, well-supervised therapy with an upbeat attitude and frequent progress assessments with adjustments to therapy prescribed when necessary. I have a number of different options as to where I am treated; I choose to continue here at main Street.

My bottom line for success is simplistic: no surgery; the strength and confidence to be back in the gym every day; and, most importantly, out on the golf course without pain. So far, so good!

Scott Haney

When the doctor first told me that I would need 2 total knee replacements I was scared to death. After my first knee replacement, the doctor sent me to physical therapy. I walked into Main Street Physical Therapy fearful that I would not be able to do what normal people do. What a shock! I was transported to the tropics...palm trees, monkeys, and blue sky welcomed me. I then met Mark Plante P.T. He was smiling and reassuring that I would be fine.

The first time I got on the bike, fear took hold and I was afraid I would break my knee. Mark's well trained staff came to my rescue with solid tools and compassion. I succeeded after six weeks of excellent PT. I regained full range of my first knee. In part, I believe this was why walking anxious to have my second knee replacement. I am now on my second round od PT (for my 2nd knee replacement). The level of compassion and skill has actually increased.

Watch me run!

Judie Sarff

My orthopedic surgeon told me that the post op recovery from my rotator cuff surgery would be anything but a "walk in the park" and he was absolutely correct! I arrived in Yuma from Vancouver, Washington for my second round of physical therapy.

To say that Melanie Johnson was an outstanding therapist would be a total understatement! In the short time I was there, Melanie made such a huge difference in my post op progress....physically and emotionally. She seemed to sense and understand what I was going through without my even opening my mouth.

She explained everything she was doing with me in total lay language and further explained why she was doing it. When I left Yuma, I wanted to clone her and take her with me! What an asset this wonderful lady is to your clinic....along with Alex#1 and Alex #2... the lovely young ladies at the front desk...along with you and the rest of the staff! I wear my MSPT t-shirt proudly to my therapy sessions here in Casa Grande and they all tease me about it!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making such a profound difference in this lady's life....I appreciate all of you!

Patricia Campbell

Jan Andersen, the wonderful therapist at Main Street P.T. in Yuma, AZ asked me if she could try a new type of taping therapy for the lymphedema which had developed in my arm following my breast lumpectomy and lymph node surgery. I agreed to try it even though it seemed strange. However, the results proved very successful in taking the swelling down.

She took this special tape which was about 2-1/2 in. wide and cut it into 7 small strips, leaving them all attached. She then began at my shoulder and fanned them out down to the elbow. Then did the same with two more sets from the elbow to the wrist and then one strip from the wrist to the fingers. It was amazing how I could even shower with it on for a week. The tape causes no itching or irritation. It is truly much more comfortable than the sleeve.

I would also recommend Jan especially as she is so thorough in her therapy and very caring and encouraging.

Joyce C.

To Mark Plante and all his associates at Main Street Physical therapy,

The cane now leans against a closet door, the knee brace hides in a drawer and my eighty-six year old knee is pain free thanks to the carefully planned exercises given at Main Street Therapy.

I was carefully coached so each movement was done correctly. Each patient was treated with friendly encouragement. Always each session was begun on time, always a patient could ask questions and receive clear answers. To gain proper results the work became increasingly intense, but freedom of movement was the reward.

The atmosphere in the entire place is happy, murals of ocean and palm trees, toy jungle creatures, blue skylights with fluffy clouds fill every room and reflect life and light. Main Street Therapy gives the psychological lift a patient needs, plus the treatment techniques that bring improved health.


Eleanor P.

I just want to let everyone know what a wonderful experience I had at Main Street Therapy. Mark and his staff are very professional, concerned, knowledgeable, friendly, and all the staff make you feel very comfortable...that is a very special way to make your therapy easier.

Vicki H.

My recent series of physical therapy sessions at Main Street Physical Therapy were positive experiences for me in that you and your staff demonstrated a professional and caring attitude during your performances of the treatments. I wish to thank you all for a job well done and feel that you all went "above and beyond" what is expected in your field!

Jeannie Squyres

I am tremendously satisfied with the attention and care given at Main Street Physical Therapy. The staff are respectful, courteous and the setting is extremely relaxing. This type of atmosphere is exactly what we need. It is really a joy to walk in for my therapy and feel relaxed and comfortable.

I received services before in 2007 and was exceedingly satisfied and selected this center again because of my wonderful experience the first time. I am here again and can not say enough on how the therapists and staff have helped in my well-being. It is really a joy coming to therapy with such good customer service and relaxing environment.

To close I would like to thank you, and your efficient staff for caring and doing the best to satisfy the need of each one of us attending this center. If you would like to discuss this further please do not hesitate to call me at (928) 580-2803.

Respectfully yours,
Jose D. Duron

I am a 78 year-old woman. On 11/9/07, I had rotator cuff surgery in Salem, Oregon. I started therapy on 11/26/07, at Main Street Physical Therapy with Mark Plante. Mark's goal is to get you well. He and the staff are patient, professional and caring. My shoulder is a true success story and I am very grateful.

Juanita Stewart

I enjoyed my physical therapy from Mark Plante. He and his staff were courteous and attentive. I would definitely recommend Main Street Physical Therapy to family and friends.


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